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We provide education and access to free toolkit’s for early detection and nurturing individuals with autism. We offer a variety of services including in-person support groups, scholarship opportunities, and sensory-friendly events to support the LC Valley community and its surrounding towns. We believe in creating a positive experience for individuals with autism and their families and caretakers.


Feel free to explore the Learn More and Get Involved menu to see all we do! If you or a loved one is impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder or other disabilities, please contact us for assistance.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability characterized by neurological differences in the brain. It is believed that a combination of factors may contribute to the development of ASD.

How is ASD diagnosed?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has no biological diagnostic test to detect autism. Using formal screening tools such as looking for childhood development milestones and several other diagnostic tests and tools can help.

Some symptoms include:

  • Difficulty with communication (delayed or absent speech or difficulty understanding nonverbal cues)
  • Social challenges (difficulty making friends, sharing interests or emotions with others)
  • Repetitive behaviors (rocking, hand-flapping, or repeating words/phrases)
  • Delayed in reaching developmental milestones (crawling, walking, or speaking)
  • Narrow Interests (focused interests in a specific topic or activity)
  • Difficulty with transitions (transitioning from one activity or environment) 

How is ASD treated?

There is no one specific treatment for ASD, however it’s widely accepted that early intervention can produce the best outcome. Educating yourself, family, and friends can result in nurturing the Individual impacted by ASD to reach endless goals.

Where can i get help for ASD?

At The Green Apple Project we offer an array of services and help services to the LC Valley and surrounding area. Check out What is Autism? and Learn More in our top page menu for additional information and free resources available to you.

Furthermore, If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, connect to the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988, or connect to emergency community services by calling 211.



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