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Who We Are


The Green Apple Project is a result of two moms who realized they wanted and needed a little more support while raising their sons living with autism. Through lots of research, passion, and dedication, The Green Apple Project was born.

Why “Green Apple?” We are taught from the time we are very young that “A” stands for “apple”, right? When we learn this letter of the alphabet, it always coincides with a picture of an apple. What color is that apple most of the time? Red. Our brains typically think of red apples when this delicious fruit is thought of. We are trained to automatically think of red apples even though we know that there are other colors of apples with different tastes and different textures.

Green apples, while they might not be what most people picture and might not be the ‘normal’ type of apple, they are just as good. They are beautiful; without them, our markets and homes wouldn’t be as colorful.

Living with autism can be challenging for individuals, but their potential is limitless. Children and individuals living with autism can build dreams, develop talents, form relationships, and achieve anything they set their minds to, despite the challenges they face.

The Green Apple Project’s goal is to provide the community with enough education and support to create a place where children living with autism are not only tolerated but they are valued and respected.



“CDC estimates the prevalence of Autism Increases by 10%, to 1 in 36”

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We help families understand what autism is and how to detect it early.


We provide accessible resources to support individuals living with autism in your family.


Discover volunteer opportunities to support individuals living with autism.


Stay informed about events designed for families and individuals living with autism.

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Get involved in the autism community through volunteering for our events, promoting equality for individuals living with autism, educating yourself and others about autism, or joining our team.

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Our region’s individuals living with autism and developmental disabilities can receive ongoing support if people donate. Therefore, we urge, individuals to consider making a monetary contribution.

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